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Personalized Nutrition Programs

Thinking about making changes, but not quite sure how to get there? Don’t let those gimmicks or quick fix promises leave you feeling unsuccessful, tired and frustrated.

When you come to Ultimate Fitness and Wellness, you'll find a wide range of nutrition and fitness programs suitable for adults, teenagers, children, athletes, and body builders. Our simple plans and strategies are designed to achieve optimal health and promote a balanced lifestyle.

Call to schedule an appointment today for a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION and register for the nutrition program that's tailored for you.

Choose the Best From Our Specialized Nutrition Programs

Weight loss and maintenance: Whether your goal is to lose, gain, or maintain weight, you'll receive expert advice, motivation, and support
to help you reach your goals. Learn how to make sustainable lifestyle
changes, while eating your favorite food!
Management of chronic illness:Are you diabetic or suffering from
high cholesterol? Gain control over these conditions and feel
better in no time with our nutrition programs.

Detox:Reset your metabolism and cleanse your body by learning
which food naturally does this. No need to fast or take pills,
simply follow our instructions and get amazing results.
Grocery tour and pantry makeover: With Jodie’s helpful tips and
tricks, take the trip to the grocery store and fill your pantry with
the right choice of food which keeps you healthy and energized. 

Group nutrition classes:Interested in learning the basics of healthy
eating, portion control, nutrient needs, shopping and dining tips?
Take this 4-week nutrition package as a part of your nutrition program.

Sports nutrition: Is your workout plan not giving you results? We'll show you how to achieve your goals through proper nutrition and fitness.

Optimal health and increased energy:Learn about the various kinds of food which increase your well-being, energy level and help you attain optimal health.

Food sensitivity or food intolerance: Find out which food makes you sick or is the reason for being overweight. Food intolerance refers to difficulty in digesting certain kinds of food. The world’s most advanced food intolerance test is now offered here at Ultimate Fitness and Wellness. Call for more details about the test.

Children’s programs: We'll help your child lose, maintain, or gain weight safely and slowly through healthy eating and exercise. If you have concerns with your child’s nutrition, we're here to come up with a solution. Call to schedule an appointment.

Corporate wellness: Lead your employees towards optimal health and performance with our special corporate wellness program which strives for a healthy corporate future.
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Let Jodie Foster help you on your way to losing weight, building muscle, and leading a healthier lifestyle!

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